Friday, February 11, 2011

Garage Door!!! :)

This is certainly a departure, but hopefully a funny one. There's not a lot 'funny' going on around here at the moment, so if I'm the only one laughing, I'll take it!

We lost a spring on our garage door last spring... about the same time I had what I thought would be my usual spring-time visitation of a chronic back injury which lasted through September.... :(rrrr!! From April to last week, it was up to me or the Boy to jump out of the car and do the 'raising of the door' by hand. There were times when I thought I'd need a stretcher to raise myself up afterward, and poor Stef is growing so fast his Dolphin-sized flippers were always getting caught under my seat. I called it 'clown-car time' whenever we hit the remote because the passenger side doors would blow open in case we were needed.

Add to this we don't really know how old Creature was because he was here when we bought the house. His motor would smoke if he got stuck. He made noise that I thought was normal for an opener, but was informed that he was LOUD by the installer of the new one. The only clues to his age was the fact that his remotes looked like something from the seventies when 'remote' was something to brag about... like the old cell phones that came with their own purse? ... These things were plastic, 60's colors (beige/white) and so big they covered half a visor. I think that clip could've so-macked a mouse in a pinch, too. These groovy plastic covers, and the one over the unit itself were all falling apart, too. The 70's was NOT the decade for plastic that broke unless it was the neighbor's Green Machine while you were borrowing it, that is. Neither was the 60's, for that matter. The guy looked it over, whistled and said "You got an antique, here!" "No, buddy, you do! Maybe you can sell it on ebay?"

My new door opener is cool! She's nearly silent, but not the 'whisper operation' model I could've gotten. As it is, the dogs haven't adjusted to the change and get freaked out when hubby comes in the door without the telltale pre-rattle. She's a third the size of Creature, which one should expect with 40? years of innovation. Even so, hubby wanted to know 'where is it?' when he got home. She's got more lighting, too. She's also got sensors so nothing's getting squashed when she closes. It's ironic that my garage door now has better vision than me, but oh well! It's for a good cause, yes?

And the person to thank for this is John Rice. He gave me the recommendation for Overhead Door. He's a realtor here in Lexington, and a good one, too. If I ever have any real estate to sell, or money to buy my retreat/training/birthing center land, I'm going to him.

So, if you catch me in my driveway, arms raised, laughing like Dr. Frankenstein while my garage door opens chanting a name I haven't chosen yet, I'm just happy to have a door that works. And John's behind it all!

I'll be back to more 'serious' stuff next time, but I thought I'd share.

Now... for a name...


Have a blessed weekend, all!
Daughter O'Batala

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